Gynecomastia and Male Breast Reduction Procedures

From a medical perspective, Gynecomastia is the enlargement of the glandular tissue in the male chest.  It is a common condition in men, much more common than most people realize. And while men and women all have breast glands, they are usually less noticeable in men, mainly because they are smaller and less developed. In general, male breast gland enlargement can affect everyone from newborns, to boys in puberty, to older men. Statistically, 90% of cases naturally resolve by adulthood

Gynecomastia is not just an accumulation of extra fat when someone is overweight. It is caused by an increase in the size of the glandular component of the male chest – and it’s a condition that will not be resolved with exercise, or dieting, or weight loss. In itself, Gynecomastia is not a dangerous condition, but many men with gynecomastia continue to suffer in silence from related esteem issues caused by the appearance of their chest. The good news is that various treatments are available. And this is where an experienced reconstructive surgeon can be a valuable asset.

Without getting too technical, Gynecomastia come from an estrogen and testosterone imbalance. In women, estrogen is what makes breast tissue grow. In men, testosterone stops the estrogen from allowing breast tissue grow. By nature, a high proportion of testosterone is prevalent in males, while a high proportion of estrogen is prevalent in females. For men, swollen breasts are more common in middle age and older age, primarily since less testosterone is produced when aging.

Male Breast Reduction Procedures

Male breast reduction has become a common procedure over the years, and has become one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed. Today, men are increasingly conscious of their physical self, and are aware of modern corrective measures and procedures that are simple and safe. As well, new medical techniques have developed over the years, and post-surgery results are noticeably superior.

Male breast reduction is recommended when there is excessive glandular tissue, excessive fat tissue, or a combination of both. And although the cause of Gynecomastia will differ greatly from patient to patient, the surgery focuses on both fat tissue and glandular tissue. Post-surgery, there is dramatic improvement in the appearance of the chest area. For those men dealing with self-esteem and confidence issues, the post-surgery results make a big difference going forward. 

During Gynecomastia surgery in Toronto, the glandular enlargement and the extra adipose (fat tissue) is identified and removed. The adipose tissue is most often removed using liposuction via a small incision under or beside the chest.  The gland is then removed either through the same small incision if possible, or in the case of larger glands, a second incision is made around the lower part of the areola. In most cases the existing skin that overlies the chest area is elastic enough to shrink into place. The finished result is a flatter appearance to the entire chest area. In rare cases, excess skin can be removed, although this is often done as a secondary procedure when needed.

Like any surgical procedure, male breast reduction is a very personal choice. Patient candidates need to be in good general health, and must have consistently stable weight. Although rare, complications can include bleeding and/or infection. For some patients, there may be changes in nipple sensation.  After surgery, patients are able to resume daily life after just a few days, but typically avoid exercise and gym activities for a few weeks.

Gynecomastia surgery is performed as day-surgery, usually under general anesthetic (asleep surgery). Patients return home on the same day, and are required to wear a special surgical garment under their clothing for a number of weeks. The surgical garment is designed to gently compress the chest area, which helps diminish post-surgery bruising and swelling. As for follow-up, appointments are scheduled on a regular basis throughout the first year after surgery, in an effort to ensure optimum results.

The Clinic

Dr. Beber’s staff is committed to patient satisfaction - from the front desk, to the nursing staff, to the clinic assistants. The overriding aim is to attend caringly to every patient, and at every stage of care. More importantly, everything at the clinic is personally individualized.

Dr. Brett Beber: Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive Surgery 

Dr. Beber has a simple formula for effective cosmetic surgery:  Safety + Precision = Success. It has become a proven approach that incorporates established cosmetic surgery procedures with post-operative care that is very closely monitored. Surgical success also derives from Dr. Beber’s focus on detail, and personal attention to each patient’s personal needs and goals.

With every type of surgery and procedure, Dr. Beber’s focus is on patient education. Personal consultations are private and comprehensive, and always in a stress-free clinic environment.  Dr. Beber makes sure to fully address patient concerns and personal goals. Quite importantly, he reviews the pros and cons of a procedure, recovery period, and any potential risks.

Dr. Beber is known and respected for his attentive style and approach. He encourages patients to ask their questions and become informed. In this way, patients can make smart health decisions, which can often be a challenge. Dr. Beber is highly professional, and makes every effort to fulfill a patient’s needs, wants and wishes. It’s all part of the formula for success.

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